Central Florida Academy offers a 24-credit program, standard diploma option to students entering grade nine.  In order to be considered for graduation, students must have completed the following credit requirements:

4 Credits English
4 Credits Mathematics including Algebra 1 and Geometry
3 Credits Science
1 Credit World History
1 Credit American History
.5 Credit American Government
.5 Credit Economics
1 Credit Physical Education
1 Credit Fine or Performing Arts, Speech and Debate, or Practical Arts
8 Electives to include  Foreign Language
In addition to satisfying the completion of 24 credits requirement, students must satisfy the cumulative GPA of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale and completion of a minimum of 75 hours of community service.
9th Grade Program
English 1
Algebra 1
Earth Science
World History
Spanish 1
Critical Thinking
Computer Applications 1 & 2
10th Grade Program
English 2
Physical Science
American History
Spanish 2
Fine Art Elective
11th Grade Program
English 3
Algebra 2
American Government
P.E. Hope
12th Grade Program
English 4
Voluntary Community Services
Personal Fitness
Weight Lifting
Spanish 4

Students have the opportunity to earn special awards while pursuing their studies. The accomplishments are acknowledged by the presentation of special certificates.

Honor Roll - this award will be given to students achieving 3.5 cumulative grade point average or better

Academic Achievement - this award will be granted to students possessing a positive attitude and drive for success. This award is not given based solely on academics; however, grades are taken into consideration.

Perfect Attendance - This award is given to students achieving 100% attendance.